West India Chemical International is pioneer and Group division of RXSOL group of Industries. Our stock point is situated in middle of KANDLA PORT and Gangavaram Port to full fill demand of maintenance and cleaning chemical product. Our RXSOL brand chemicals are very popular among Ship  chandlers and shipping agent in Kandla city. And our popularity in marine chemicals field  makes us India's largest  Kandla marine chemical supplier.

Kandla Port is handling various cargo to complete demand of Gujrat Industries. Some valuable cargo is Cement, Therma coal, Lime stone, Pet coke, Coaking coal, Petroleum coke, rock phosphate.  And for cleaning of such cargo Aquatuff High foam is popular product in shipping industries. West India Chemical Marine International is supplier of Aquatuff to ship in Kandla, Sikka, Porbander and Gandhidham port. And for cleaning of Cement from cargo we are supplying CEMENT REMOVER , for coal cleaning specialized products are COAL REMOVER . To avoid downtime / cleaning maintenance time of cargo hold and also to protect cargo metal base from hazardous cargo like sulphur, salt etc it is always recommended that apply SLIP COAT / Hold Block on surface. Application of slipcoat is very simple, there is no any extra consultance required. Slip coat can be applied manually on cargo hold. 

Kandla steel, SAIL, RAINCII, ACC, AMBUJA, Uttam Galva & Jayswal some name of  heavy industrial unit in these area. And we are continiously targeting to cover demand of maintenance chemicals for such industries.

West India Chemical International is supplying marine - Shipping chemicals to ship chandlers and Kandla Port registered Agent Agent : Maerskline, Seaport, Atlantic, Relay, WMSPL, GAC, ARKAY, Admiral, Integral, ALap, Seapol, AS shipping, Shree Gayatri, Eshwar, IOS, Setrans, Binnacle, Lotus, Seaways, MSS, Eversun, Deblines, Chowgule, JM Baxi, KR Sons, AVBGPR etc...

West India Chemical International have ware house at Rajkot, Gujrat. Near to KANDLA  PORT. And we are keeping full range of chemicals for supply on ship... Some of valuable products are as follows :
F.O.T. Dual Propose C. 
Soot Remover Powder 
Turboblaster (dry walnut shells grain 1,3-1,7mm)
Cold Wash 
Seaclean T.
Safety Seaclener 2 (OSD)
Clean Break 
BTS Degrassante HCF (hydrocarbon free tank cleaner)
Alkaclean S (sodium hydrox. Based)
Alkaclean P (potassium hydrox. Based)
Ultrasonic Multicleaner 
Genepol / teepol
Acquaclean (non caustic alkaline cleaner)
Carbon Solvent 
ACC Air Coler Cleaner 
Electroclean 26 Safe (slow safe)
Descaling Liquid / Descalex Safe Acid
Rust Remover / Metalbrite
Rust Converter
Disc Separator Cleaner
BWT One Shot 
Alkalinity Control 
Condensate Control
Hardness Control Boiler Water treatment Chemical
Oxygen Control (sulphite) scavanger
DWT 444 
Ecosperse (seawater antifouling treatment)
Iphoclor 12  (sodium hypochlorite sol. 12%)
Potable Water Stabilizer
Bio Microzyme Liquid 
Biocleaner Liquid
Biofresh Plus Powder
Waterless Hand Cleaner Green Gelatin (hand cleaner) RXSOL 1001
Demi water for Wall Wash Test
Methanol for Wall Wash Test
Potassium Permanganate for Wall Wash Test
Silver Nitrate for Wall Wash Test

Email Address :  mail@westindiachemical.com

Contact No : 9322594669